Turn Your Phone Into A Dash Cam

There are varied ways in which you will need a dash cam for your car.  It can be too avoid an unlawful ticket or support an insurance claim. Whatever the reason is, there is no need to buy a fully dedicated dash cam for your car as your smartphone can stand as a dash cam with the right equipment.  To do this, you will be needing a dashboard phone holder to mount your phone during the whole journey.  In addition, you will also need to download a phone application to complete the process, after that you are all set.  Prior to doing this or hitting the streets with your dash cam, be sure to read or research the regulations in your country regarding live recordings as there are countries that prohibit its use such as the UK.

dashboard phone holderCar Mount

In choosing car mounts, you need to take into consideration the fact that using your phone as a black box will consume battery.  So it would be a great idea to choose an in car dashboard phone holder that can recharge your phone while holding it, hitting two birds with one stone.  If you cannot find such a car mount, then just install a car charger for your unit to keep it running. A couple of phone holders available in the market are the Logitech Drive One Touch Car Mount, iOttie Easy One Touch 3 (v 2.0) Car Mount and the Ram Universal X-Grip car mount.

Phone Application

In order to fully integrate the dash cam function in your phone, you need to download an app for your phone.  There are various dash cam apps available for the public and most of them offer limited access or are completely free.  However, to keep the free subscriptions running, the apps may sometimes display pop up ads in the process and are non-intrusive while you are driving.  There are various apps available both for iOS and android users and we tested two of the popular ones.

Phone As A DashcamOne of the ones we tried is the CamOnRoad app.  It runs for free and can also be upgraded for a certain amount.  It gives the user a 2 GB free cloud storage and displays the important data when recording, mainly the date, time, place and speed.  It can run simultaneously with a navigation map which maximizes your phones usage. Additionally, CamOnRoad is easy to understand and intuitive which is good for beginners.  Another dash cam phone app that we tried is the DailyRoads Voyager.  It has a very easy to use interface and runs great together with other app compared to the first app that we tried.

Save yourself some penny and use your own phone as a dash cam instead of purchasing an actual one.  Since all that you will ever need is a reliable dashboard phone holder and a free phone app to integrate the function in your phone. Both of the prerequisites are readily available to almost anyone and in the case of car mounts, you already have them anyway if you are using your phone as your navigational system.  If this article was helpful to you in anyway, hit like and share below.