How to Start Making YouTube Videos?

YouTube is a big platform to showcase your talent in front of a global crowd. The platform is free and you could even end up making millions of dollars from your videos. YouTube has brought up immense talent from the crowd. Not only that, it is a big platform for doing brand marketing. The ads you watch on YouTube are nothing but brand marketing. In a recent report, YouTube ads have said to generate better leads for the companies as compared to the advertisement hoardings on the highways. But, we are not her to understand the basics of digital marketing. This post is all about following the basics while starting your own YouTube channel. In this post, I will be discussing some amazing points that you need to follow while starting with your YouTube channel. Following these basic points will get you more visitors, more subscriber and more views on your videos.

YouTube is frankly the best platform to get your talent judged. You get an immediate response if your video is good or bad. This way you can get famous overnight or you may be left for criticism. There is no middle option.

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I have been following YouTube and YouTube stars since my childhood. I have noticed some common aspects in all the viral YouTube videos. While, I cannot guarantee you success if you follow these points but, these will help you to stand above the mediocre ones for sure. So let the journey begin.

YouTube video basics

These are some of the basic points that every newbie Youtuber should follow from their start.

Video Title

The title of the video acts like a clickbait. It should be tempting enough so that the viewer clicks on the video. Every viral video has this one aspect common. Let me give you an example to clarify more.

Normal Title : Miley Cyrus lost 20 pounds in a month for her upcoming video.

Click Bait Title: This pop star lost 20 pounds for her new video and that too without dieting.

You see the difference. The first title is a normal title and conveys the main plot in the title itself. The second one leaves the viewer curious to find out who the pop star is, how did she lose 20 pounds without dieting, how many hours did she sweat in the gym?

The chances are that the viewer will click on the second title more.


The title and the thumbnail are the two things that we see before playing any video on YouTube. It is necessary that both of these should leave the viewer curious to find out what’s there in the video. You don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to make tempting photos for your videos. Just pick a good picture from the internet (creative commons) that’s it. The thumbnail should be attractive and should catch the attention of the viewer instantly.

Intro Video:

So now you have managed to catch the users attention to play your video, but, what after that. If your video turns out to be good in the first 5-10 seconds, it is good otherwise, your viewer may dislike your video. So, it is very important to add a good starting intro to your videos. This intro should reflect your personal branding. You can hire a person for as less as $5  (Fiverr) to make a good intro video for you. The best part, there are many online and offline tools that you can use to make a good intro video for your YouTube video. This intro maker list will help you for sure. You can use this list to explore the finest free animation intro video creators in the market.


Your video reflects your talent in front of a global audience. In todays tech gen world where we have the 4K displays, it is very important to maintain a competing quality of your YouTube video too. Use an entry level DSLR camera in the starting. Also, the audio of your video will play a major role. DLSRs don’t have a crisp audio. To maintain the audio quality you need to have a mic. If you have a low budget, you can use the noise reduction softwares that will remove the noise from your videos.

Audacity is the best free tool available in the market. Use this audacity tutorial to set up audio for your upcoming videos.So these are some of the few points that you need to consider while making YouTueb videos. In the end, your talent will decide the fate of your videos.


Watch this YouTube video to understand more in depth.

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