Repurpose Your Content And Start A Viral Wave


How annoying is it when you stare at the screen hoping that inspiration will come and slap you across the face. This is commonplace for most bloggers, even the big expert gurus that always have fresh and updated content.

The difference is they have probably had their content written a month or two prior to the release. Also in most cases, other people will write content for them in the form guest posts or from a virtual assistant.

For the biggest majority, most of us will not have a big budget for our niche site that we can tap into. What can we do to find ideas for content?

Super Internet Marketer Luke Maguire has been busy over the last year. He has been researching what his customer’s struggles are and came up with a tool that will solve them. Out of all the information, he gathered he has whittled it down to 8 pain points.

From this data, he created his latest software Octosuite (check out the reviews), which is a social media management tool. It’s not like the average social media tool, it is created with you in mind.

When you stare at the screen blankly looking at the screen now you can load up Octosuite.

When inside simply choose the platform you would like to search and let it find your content ideas. You can choose from Facebook, Twitter or Reddit to name a few.

The clever thing is that the results generated are sorted by how viral the piece of content was.

You don’t just have a boring list of content, you have a list of super viral content.

From within Octosuite, you have the ability to rebrand this content as your own by changing text, links or even by adding a filter to the image. This makes it unique to you!

Content that has gone viral in the past will always be able to go viral again, that is if you plant enough seeds to get the ball rolling.

I suggest you take your new content a little bit further. Once you have selected your piece of content I would suggest that you create a video on the topic. It doesn’t have to be a professional production, you just want to make sure that it is valuable and watchable.

Keep it under 5 minutes because when you start to go longer without professional editing your watch time analytics might decrease. People will get bored staring at you in the same position for any more than 5 mins.

When you post to YouTube you can give it a little push by sending social signals or telling your friends to share. Don’t just sit and wait, you need to get it out there. Once the viral wave starts you will have a hard time stopping it.

I predict a traffic explosion!

You can get so much more out of this one content idea by simply creating a blog post, converting the video to audio to share as a podcast, or even piece the images together to share on Pinterest.

Repurposing your content is a great way to get your content seen by more eyes and with more eyes on your product or service… that means more money for you!